Brake Dance.

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No clue what this is or means.



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  1. damon says:

    I assume that if you put your foot down on the brake, the system will initially flash the brake lights 2-3 times and that this fool was repeatedly tapping the brake causing it to appear semi continous. The 3 flash break like on initial pedal depress would seem like a “new saftey feature” our overlords would think is a good idea, similar to brake lights that illuminate more strongly the harder you depress the pedal.

    • clover says:

      -trolling deleted-

      17 Feb 2006 – Mercedes brake lights are already flashing in Europe; they are a standard feature in the new Mercedes S-class

      • BrentP says:

        In europe if someone is a coming to a sudden stop they flash the hazards. Apparently MB has made that automatic. Otherwise brake lamps operate normally. ECE regulations do not permit flashing brake lamps.

        • clover says:

          Brent go make up your information somewhere else. Maybe he had a problem with his brake lights but they do have them for ECE. Instead of going after guys that are driving correctly how about going after the jerks on the road that purposefully endanger others. Guys like you.

          This is officially referred to as “Emergency Stop Signal”, and ECE Regulation 48 calls for the lamps providing the ESS to flash at 4 Hz when a passenger car decelerates at greater than 6 m/s2 or a truck or bus decelerates at greater than 4 m/s2.

          • BrentP says:

            Thanks for confirming what I just wrote troll.

            Now what was SUV’s acceleration prior and during the flashing?

          • clover says:

            I know Brent you are mentally not all there. My guess is that the vehicle does not check deceleration but brake pressure. If the guy was at the stop sign and standing on the brake then the flashing might happen. My guess is there is not a requirement to have a decelerometer to trigger the flashing but can be done with brake pressure instead witch would be far cheaper and easier.

          • BrentP says:

            Clover. grow up. your trolling is beyond comprehension.

            It’s a ford SUV in US domestic trim. Not a mercedes in european trim.

    • BrentP says:

      It’s just a bland ford SUV I doubt it does any thing like that.

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